Diversity and Inclusion

BIPOC Theater Designers and Technicians

This is intended as a resource for producers and directors to identify racially and culturally diverse creative teams for theater projects in the US. Please add your information to the bottom of the list 
if you are a theater designer or technician who identifies as non-white or of color.

Black Tour Directory

Live Nation Urban has put together a Black Tour Directory as a listing of Black professionals and Black-owned companies to serve as a resource to artists, managers, festivals, producers, promoters, vendors, and venues who are actively seeking to hire Black crew members on their tours and events. We hope that our database will serve as a pipeline for emerging production talent. In support of existing teams that have put in the groundwork, our sole mission is to provide opportunities within live music while also uplifting our community.

Diversify The Stage

Diversify The Stage was founded by Noelle Scaggs, co-lead vocalist of Alt-Pop Band Fitz And The Tantrums, in the Spring of 2020 after connecting with industry leaders to discuss the lack of diversity encountered while on tour. Through these conversations, recognition of shared concerns, and need for change, Noelle decided to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to create action and long-term change.

BIPOC Stage Managers 

This is a living spreadsheet of stage managers predominantly in the United States for theatrical productions. This is meant to be a resource for producers, institutions, gatekeepers, and other stage managers in hiring positions to seek BIPOC stage managers they may not otherwise know. This is not meant to be an answer to equity and inclusion in the field, but a small way to continue to uplift our community.


Never Famous bridges the gap between tour operation and
management teams looking for staff, and professionals
looking for tour work. Availability, profiles, credentials and
more are all easily accessible on the platform.

Profiles and credentials are user-curated. Users are granted
access to the platform after a prescreening process that
includes referrals, recommendations and references.


SoundGirls supports women working in professional audio and music production by highlighting their success and providing a place for them to connect, network, and share advice and experiences.

She is the Music

SITM is a nonprofit organization increasing the number of women working in music – songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals.

Well Dunn

The mission of the Well Dunn Foundation is to provide internships to students with volunteer experience who exhibit talent and drive, coupled with an aspiration to become tomorrow’s leaders in the entertainment industry, but lack the necessary financial resources to pursue the educational experience an internship provides.

Roadies of Color United

The Roadies Of Color United International Social Network is comprised of professionals in the entertainment services, concert touring and live entertainment industries. ROCU is a place where professionals in the industry can unite, network, promote each other and to collaborate in order help promote a more diverse and and inclusive industry.

Color of Music Collective

Welcome to the Color of Music Collective, an inclusive environment where LGBT+ and POC voices are amplified in discussions regarding what is happening in the music industry right now. Each week we will host free, virtual panels featuring 4 guests discussing an important issue for our community in the industry. These panels will be 45 minutes in length and moderated by Carla Hendershot and Mia Van Allen.

Girls Behind the Rock Show

GBTRS looks to provide you with a direct connection to getting into the business side of the scene –whether you’re in school, or just dedicated to the music industry at large. We’re setting ourselves apart by offering you scholarships to be able to afford to live in your dream cities, for your dream internships that either you have sought out yourself, or ones we are able to provide.

EQL powered by SoundGirls

Powered by SoundGirls in partnership with Spotify and other organizations, The EQL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people. We include all women in our directory, including trans women and people who are non-binary. 

Health & Wellness Support


Backline is a non-profit organization that connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources—streamlining access to trusted organizations and care providers that understand the unique challenges of working in the music business.
Available for free to artists, managers, agents, crew, producers, labels, and their families, Backline programs offer:

  • Case Management— Backline’s clinicians work one-on-one with individuals to create a custom mental health plan specifically catered to their needs, taking into account unique mental health challenges, financial, and insurance status, and providing them with a customized list of therapists and resources. Individuals can schedule a free phone call right from our website.
  • Support Groups— Moderated by licensed therapists, virtual support groups are available to join three times a week, providing a safe place for people to come together and talk about what it means to work in the music industry in today’s global climate.
  • Wellness Offerings— Backline has partnered with wellness platforms to provide free subscriptions and curated content so that the music industry can stay mentally fit—on and off the road; includes meditation, yoga, breathwork, and more.

Subscribe to Backline’s newsletter to receive monthly updates. For more information on Backline’s services for the music industry, please visit www.backline.care.

BMAC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Powered by Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Eligibility

Requirements: At least 3 years where more than 50% of your income came from employment in the music industry or as a musician, and currently negatively impacted by COVID-19. 

Required Documentation:Please include the following items required with the completed application: (Applications will not be processed without this information) Proof of Music Industry Employment (publications, link to ASCAP or BMI repertoire, note from employer(s)) A biography, resume, or discography Documentation of loss of income (copy of your contract, flyers or links to event sites listing your involvement in the canceled event, letter/email from employer identifying cancellation,etc.) https://www.bmacoalition.org/covid-relief

Music Health Alliance – Insurance Assistance and Medical Liaising

Tatum Allsep created the Music Health Alliance to give those in the industry access to healthcare from “birth to end of life” (Tatum’s words!) – to assist with and negotiate medical bills, navigate the health insurance marketplace and give assistance to those who have lost income. Their goal is to protect, direct and connect everyone in the industry to the medical support and information they need.  As the Health Insurance Open Enrollment window approaches (November 1st– December 15th), being licensed in insurance in each state, they can select the best medical plan for you and help with the application process.  

MusiCares Emotional Health and Wellness Group for Music Professionals– 

Safe environment to discuss emotional issues and offer support. 

Meets every Friday on Zoom, 1:00PM PST / 3:00PM CST / 4:00PM EST 

Meeting ID: 878 4963 3410                                                                        Passcode: 325126

Love4Life – Meditation Support for the Live Concert Industry https://www.love4live.org/home  

Love4Live is a free online meditation portal providing community, compassion, and support for thousands of concert industry workers impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown. Features weekly conversations with meditation experts, bi-weekly online medication classes, and a virtual meditation retreat, all free of charge. In conjunction with the non-profit InsightLA meditation center. 

Available Grants:The following funds are available to touring crew who have been impacted by Covid-19. 

Live Nation’s Crew Nation– Currently unavailable check site for updates

Grant is a $1000 one-time non-taxed deposit into your PayPal account to help with living expenses. 

If you work in a traditional crew role and have recently been furloughed please note that you may be eligible and can apply HERE. The fund is only issuing one-time grants so if you have received relief from the fund already you will not be eligible for additional support at this time. Any questions on eligibility and process, please email: crewnation@hobmusicforward.org

Sweet Relief– 

Rex Roadie Fund – A one-time $400 grant reimbursement for living expenses. 

Please list the TPA next to your name on the application. 


There is also a Covid-19 $400 grant available, but the waitlist is much longer. 


Mutt Nation– 

Matching donation grants for those who earn their primary living in the music community and are impacted by Covid-19. Help raise funds to make sure that pets get the medical care they need. 

Apply Here

Addition Resources -Updated 1/1/21

Artist Growth Touring Software https://artistgrowth.com/

Behind the Scenes https://wp.behindthescenescharity.org/

Black Credit Conversation https://www.blackcreditconversation.com/

Black Owned Business Identifer https://blackownedbusinessidentifier.com/

Black Virtual Therapist Directory https://www.beam.community/bvtn

BobNet https://www.bobnet.rocks/

Celebrity Access https://celebrityaccess.com/

Clif Green Notes https://clifgreennotes.org/

Color of Music Collective https://www.colorofmusiccollective.com/

Concert Business Basics https://www.jenkellogg.com/

Conscious Alliance https://consciousalliance.org/

Coursera https://www.coursera.org/specializations/music-business

Diversify the Stage https://www.diversifythestage.org/

Erika’s Rock Universe https://erikasrockuniverse.com/

Everything but the Show https://everythingbuttheshow.com/home

Femme it Forward https://www.femmeitforward.com/

Fight for the Future https://www.fightforthefuture.org/

GBTRS Networking Group http://girlsbtrs.com/

Head Count https://www.headcount.org/

Head Count – Word of Mouth https://p2a.co/d4MUJsS

House of Blues Music Forward Foundation https://hobmusicforward.org/

Hustle like U Broke Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/…/hustle-like-u…/id1509303407 Inclusion Riders (Alex Prince – USC) “https://www.nytimes.com/…/19/movies/inclusion-rider.htmlAnnenburg Foundationhttps://annenberg.usc.edu/research/aii

Statistics of diversity in TV / Film. This inclusion rider has now been adopted by many different vendors and companies within the TV/Movie world.IQ Magazine https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=iq+magazine

Just a Bunch of Roadies https://www.justabunchofroadies.org/

Live from Nowhere https://www.livefromnowhere.org/

Live vs Live Podcast https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDUNOX0KRpm/

Making it with Chris G http://www.makingitwithchrisg.com/

Mask Now Party Later https://www.tbarena.com/

Master Tour Touring Software https://www.eventric.com/master-tour-management-software/

Music Biz 101 https://musicbiz101wp.com/

National Independent Venue Association https://www.nivassoc.org/

Need for Reed http://needforreed.com/

Never Famous https://neverfamous.com/

Permaculture https://www.permacultureaction.org/

Plus1 https://plus1.org/

Pollstar https://www.pollstar.com/

Power the Polls https://www.powerthepolls.org/

Promoter 101 http://www.promoter101.net/

Radio Check https://open.spotify.com/show/04Ui0cwlBW3E3AmLH2X86j

Revolt https://www.revolt.tv/

Roadies of Color United https://www.roadiesofcolorunited.com/

Roadies of Color United Go Fund Me Page https://www.gofundme.com/f/corvid19-rocu-relief-fund

Small Business Administration (SBA)

She is the Music https://sheisthemusic.org/

Show Maker Symposium https://showmakersymposium.com/

Soundgirls / The EQL Directory https://makeiteql.com/

The Group Effort Initiative https://www.groupeffortinitiative.com/

The Production Academy https://www.theproductionacademy.com/

The Roadie Clinic https://www.theroadieclinic.com/

The Road to Rehab https://theroadtorehab.com/

The Tour Life Podcast https://www.instagram.com/thetourlifepodcast/

TheatreArtLife https://www.theatreartlife.com/

This Tour Life https://thistourlife.com/

Tour Forensics http://www.tourforensics.com/

Tour Management 101 https://www.tourmgmt.org/

Touring Career Workshop https://www.touringcareerworkshop.com/

Well Better Best https://wellbetterbest.com/

WellDunn https://www.welldunn.org/