Welcome to the Roadies of color United Professional Association Membership Site.

Mission Statement.

Roadies Of Color United International ( R.O.C.U.) pronounced Rock U, started out as a Social Network established in 2009 by William Reeves and Lance Jackson that is made up of a diverse group of entertainment services and concert touring professionals.

Our primary goal is to promote the shared interests of our members and to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive industry. Our Network functions as a platform to represent, introduce, and unite People Of All Colors, Women and LGBTQ communities in the concert touring and entertainment services industries .

Roadies Of Color United is helping to create new opportunities, by providing mentorship, access to resources, educational tools that help to develop technical skills and business acumen for both current and the next generation of management decision makers, technicians and entrepreneurs.

Since it’s founding, Roadies of Color United with the help of our industry friends and support of our sponsors has grown to over 1000 members subscribers, and is transitioning from Social Network to a 501(c)6 Professional Association.

This site is currently under Beta and is currently not running at full capacity. We will but up to full capacity soon.

Please use the contact form if you have any questions or encounter any issues during the sign up process.

Membership Levels

Professional Level Membership ($75.00 Annually)- This fee is currently being waived

Professional Level membership in Roadies of Color United International Professional Association requires applicant to have a minimum of Two (2) years of cumulative experience. All submitted information is subject to verification to be accepted. By submitting your registration application you are giving us permission to verify the information supplied before you will be fully accepted into and recognized as a member of our organization. You further acknowledge and agree to a pay a one time non refundable $25 registration fee upon submission of your application. You also acknowledge and give us permission for your annual membership fee to be charged to your credit card 30 days after your application has been submitted.

Associate Level Membership ($50.00 Annually)- This fee is currently being waived.

Associate Level Membership for members with less than two (2) years of cumulative experience. Associate members will be assigned a mentor/sponsor. All submitted information is subject to verification. By submitting your application you are giving us permission to verify the information supplied before you will be fully accepted into and recognized as a member of our organization. You further acknowlege and agree to a pay a one time non refundable $25 registration fee upon submission of your registration application. You also acknowledge and give permission for your annual membership fee to be charged to your credit card 30 days after your application has been submitted.

You have the option to cancel your membership at any time.

The purposes of this Professional Association shall include, but shall not be limited to:

1. Protection and the promotion of the interests of the Membership of this Professional Association. Further to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the hiring practices, of the Live Concert Production Industry and Entertainment Services Industry. This advocacy takes several forms; participation in various webinars and symposia, authoring articles and editorials for various trade publications, and personal contact with those people and entities directly involved with hiring.

2. Serving as a resource and networking hub for the dissemination and advancement of ideas and developments in the craft(s) of Entertainment Services and Concert Tour Production.

3. Recognizing and promoting the recognition of professionals involved in Concert Touring Production and Entertainment Services at all career levels

4. Educating and advising those interested in the art and techniques of stage management.

5. R.O.CU. gives its members an identity and sense of belonging to a large community of like-minded professionals in the concert production industry who self-identify as persons of color (POC). This sense of community is sustained and strengthened through participation in conferences, newsletters on the website and membership in the various ROCU social media groups. Members are encouraged to participate with comments, discussions and thoughts of their own.

6. Public listing in the ROCU DatabaseArticle II. Purpose ; Continued

7. R.O.CU. will be instituting an outreach program targeted at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) theatre departments. The purpose of this program will be to acquaint college students who are interested in a career in Technical Theatre, with the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the concert production industry. As in any industry there is a constant turnover in personnel and as such there is an ongoing need for new people to enter the industry. If we are to succeed in making the industry a more diverse work place, then there needs to be a pool of new, diverse, talented people to take the jobs that become available. The outreach program will go to these HBCU theatre departments and give presentations designed to make the students aware of the concert production industry as a possible career choice. Interested students will be invited to observe local productions from load in to load out and in some cases may even be invited to work on a tour as an intern.

8. R.O.CU. members will have the option of being pubicly listed in the R.O.C.U. Membership Database. This membership database will serve as a resource for people and entities that are hiring for positions within the concert production industry and are interested in diversifying.

Membership applicants will have their professional experience listed as well have their references vetted by ROCU staff. This will assure the person doing the hiring that those people listed in the database are credibly qualified for the position thereby opening up the scope of job prospects for the members. Being listed in this database will increase industry awareness of the individual members, and their associated skills and specializations, which should lead to a more robust job market.

9. Education and Certifications Opportunities.

10. ROCU will be providing members various opportunities to deepen and enlarge their knowledge and skill set for their particular areas of specialization. This will be accomplished through offering online webinars and roundtables focused specifically on issues and developments within the field. The annual conference will offer numerous round table discussions as well presentations designed to give members vital information not only about their areas of specialization but also the industry as a whole. Additionally, members will be offered the opportunity to take various online courses leading to certification in different areas of the concert production industry. In some cases, these courses will be offered at a discount to ROCU members.

11. Mentorship Sponsoring, Associate Level members are those who have less than two years accumulated experience. ROCU members, particularly Associate Members, will be able to avail themselves of the knowledge and experience accumulated by the more experienced members through a Mentorship program. This program will pair a more experienced Professional Level member with an Associate Level member who is just beginning to navigate their way through their career. The Mentor will be available to the Mentee to answer questions and provide guidance on a confidential basis.