The Black Credit Conversation Roadie Edition

Presented by Brandee Wilder

We were honored to have had Brandee Wilder as one of our guest speakers at our recent Roadies Of Color United Annual conference. She did a powerful presentation on the Roadie edition of the Black Credit Conversation.

“Why is this called
The Black Credit Conversation?”

There’s a stigma that exists in our community regarding debt, credit, wealth and poverty. This stigma exists because culturally we were not taught or encouraged to talk about certain things.

As long as we continue to avoid these topics that greatly impact our communities and families, the socioeconomic and wealth gap between us and other communities will only continue to widen. 

My goal is to finally remove that stigma by making it easier for us to have those uncomfortable conversations. The Black Credit Conversation is about giving you the the knowledge and tools to be successful as a potential borrower and consumer. Credit education is the key to prepare our young people to be financially successful in the future.

​In this day and age being financially sound and having good credit is an INVALUABLE key to gaining wealth. A good credit score makes financial security possible as well as boundless other opportunities. Credit in the hands of a person with both the discipline and knowledge to utilize it correctly is NOT “a Trap”… but a POWERFUL tool that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I invite you to join this conversation that I have been having with my family, friends and community about the power and potential of credit. It’s a conversation that’s changing lives both individually and collectively for future generations to come. I’d love to help you start the conversation in your home, school, church and community today!


For more about Brandee and the Black Credit Conversation please visit the website.

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