Roadies Of Color United Conference 2023 Highlights

By ROCU Staff

Over the next few week we will be publishing Hightlights and sessions from our Conference. Also be on the Lookout for our upcoming Podcast series On ROCU TV on Youtube.

The recently concluded Roadies of Color United Annual Conference 2023, held at the scenic Evergreen Lakeside Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia, proved to be a resounding success. The conference, which aimed to promote diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry, featured an array of enriching activities including roundtable discussions, seminars, presentations, and a captivating Digico audio workshop.

Some of the highlights of the event were the insightful roundtable discussions, where industry professionals and experts shared their experiences, perspectives, and insights on a variety of topics relevant to the roadie community. These discussions provided a platform for attendees to engage in thought-provoking conversations, exchange ideas, and foster connections.

The conference also offered a series of seminars and presentations led by esteemed speakers. Brandee Wilder, a prominent figure in the industry, delivered an impactful presentation on the “Black Credit Conversation.” Her compelling insights shed light on the importance of recognizing and honoring the contributions of Black professionals within the entertainment industry, empowering attendees with the knowledge to advocate for equity and opportunities.

Moreover, the conference featured presentations delivered by industry veterans such as Jim Digby from ESA and Todd Spencer from ESTA. Their valuable expertise and guidance enriched the attendees’ understanding of event production, safety protocols, and the evolving technical aspects of the industry.

A key highlight of the conference was the Digico audio workshop, which provided attendees with an immersive learning experience. The workshop allowed participants to gain hands-on exposure to cutting-edge audio technology, imparting valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in their respective roles within the roadie community.

In recognition of excellence within the industry, the conference also hosted the prestigious Lenny Awards. These awards served as a platform to honor individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of event production and management. The ceremony added an element of celebration to the conference, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of those shaping the roadie landscape.

The success of the Roadies of Color United Annual Conference 2023 was indisputable, with attendees leaving inspired, empowered, and equipped with a wealth of new insights. The event fostered an environment of inclusivity, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, making a significant impact on the roadie community’s professional growth and development.

As Roadies of Color United continues to advocate for diversity, representation, and equal opportunities within the entertainment industry, their annual conference serves as a vital platform for professionals to connect, learn, and inspire positive change. The 2023 conference has undoubtedly contributed to the ongoing progress towards a more inclusive and vibrant roadie community.

And finally Thanks to all of our Members, Supporters and Sponsors.

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