R.O.C.U. Staff

Ranger’s Sound & Lighting Co.

• Touring worldwide with multiple artists while occupying diversified positions from Backline Technician to Production Manager. These tours have been on a local, regional, national, and international level.• Designing, rigging and operating a variety of production systems (including theatre, concert, festival, pageant, video and television). Supervising local crews during construction and operation of professional grade portable staging, stage canopies (tops), barricades, sets and props, and backline.

• Setting up and operating sound reinforcement and public-address systems for corporate and live events. Controlling, tuning, and mixing vast arrays of house sound systems and monitor mix systems during concerts, festivals, and private events. Designing audio technical riders. Designing and installing different types of public address, paging, and sound systems.

• Working with audio-visual displays, including projection and power point displays.• Maintaining client relationships; i.e. having to deal with people from all walks of life has developed problem solving and more importantly, problem prevention skills. 

• Driving commercial grade (Class-B) trucking and school busses.• Executive Protection and Security for various events.

• State certified Volunteer Fire Fighter (currently active with Culkin Fire Department) with over 1500 hours of training and with numerous successful classes at both the State Fire Academy and National Fire Academy level. 

• Adjunct Instructor with MS State Fire Academy. Level III (1041-III) Fire Service Instructor (highest level)• Five years as an active, state certified Law Enforcement (Police) Officer. 

• Six years as a Commissioned Officer, serving in the US Army 2/20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and 1/155 Mechanized Infantry.

• Certified in many other areas including Military Parachuting; Tactical Planning and Operations; Search and Rescue SCUBA diving; Instructor for “ASP” (and other) expandable, straight and side handle batons; Firearms (multiple); OC (pepper-gas/ mace); First Aid/ CPR (instructor); and HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) Response.

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